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Holiday Sale Nov 31st through dec 31stPlease be advised that automatic bulk discounts have been suspended in the cart for the duration of the sale. Non-resellers (no resale number)Please go here to place a bulk order.

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Happy Holidays from all of here at CattleDog Publishing and VIN.  We know it’s been a rough year for many and we wish everyone a great holiday season and a better New Year.

LSH-Silver graduates wanting your grad kit (located near the bottom of the page here) will need the password that was emailed to you upon graduation. It is NOT your university password. If you did not receive your password upon graduation, please go here and email us.

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Discounted Product Bundles

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Products that work well together and help you save at the same time. Not eligible for bulk discounts

Downloadable posters and flyers

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Posters and informational flyers that can be downloaded for viewing on your device, or for printing yourself. Links will be on the order conformation page after checkout, as well as via email. Donate what you like for these products. Donations support the Dr Sophia Yin Memorial Fund at the VIN Foundation. A donation is not required

LSH Silver Certified Professionals Only

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Materials for Low Stress Handling® certified professionals only. Please use the password you received either at graduation or during a promotion. THIS IS NOT YOUR UNIVERSITY PASSWORD! This is a password you would have been emailed upon graduation. Please use the "Contact Us" page email if you you are an LSH Silver certified professional and don't have a password.

Showing 1–1 of 44 results