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DVD cleance sale through Dec 31st

We are very sorry but due to issues with COVID, the USPS has suspended shipments to Australia and New Zealand. We are looking for cheaper options and will set them up as soon as we can. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

LSH-Silver graduates wanting your grad kit (located near the bottom of the page here) will need the password that was emailed to you upon graduation. It is NOT your university password. If you did not receive your password upon graduation, please go here and email us.

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LSH Silver Certified Professionals Only

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Materials for Low Stress Handling® certified professionals only. Please use the password you received either at graduation or during a promotion. THIS IS NOT YOUR UNIVERSITY PASSWORD! This is a password you would have been emailed upon graduation. Please use the "Contact Us" page email if you you are an LSH Silver certified professional and don't have a password.

Showing 1–1 of 42 results