Best Friends Bundle


Got both a new cat AND a new pup? Oh wow! Here, save almost $6 when you buy the Best Friends bundle. You are going to need them.


Got a new kitten AND a new puppy? Save +10% off of the sale price when you buy both the Creating the Perfect Puppy DVD and the Kitty Kindergarten (both normally $29.95 each). It’s like a sale within a sale!

Potty problems? Antisocial behavior?

Many people think that these are part of a cat’s nature or something humans need to accept. It turns out that these and most cat behavior issues can be prevented with early socialization and training. A few techniques applied early on can change the course of a kitten’s life.

If you deal with puppies, you know how challenging it can be – potty accidents, chewed socks and shoes, whining and barking through the night. This DVD takes you through a plan that helps prevent these predictable problems while creating a happy, trusting, and long-lasting relationship with your dog.

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Weight 19 oz

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