Kitty Kindergarten: Creating the New Improved Cat Through Early Socialization


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Dr. Sophia Yin lectures covering critical concepts for raising happy, well-adjusted cats. Got a new kitten, this is the DVD for you.

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Potty problems? Inter-cat aggression? Antisocial behavior?

Many people think that these are part of a cat’s nature or something humans need to accept. It turns out that these and most cat behavior issues can be prevented with early socialization and training. A few techniques applied early on can change the course of a kitten’s life.

In this live recording of one of her popular lectures, Dr. Yin explains in detail about the sensitive period of socialization for kittens; demonstrates how to desensitize and countercondition kittens so they enjoy procedures like nail trims and injections; and shows how to quickly train your kitten to do desirable behaviors – like walking on a leash, sitting calmly, and coming when called. These simply behaviors can be used to replace and even prevent the naughty behaviors that a cat might perform. For veterinary professionals and shelter workers, Dr. Yin also outlines how you can set up your own successful “kitty kindergarten” program to improve the adoptability of cats and to help ensure they bond with their human families and stay in their homes.


Best For:

  • Kitten owners
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • DVM
  • Veterinary and Veterinary Technician students
  • Shelter staff
  • Cat Rescue workers.
Stream On Vimeo Here

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