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You get the Low Stress Handling® Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats book and video link (normally $99.95), the Creating the Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business DVD (normally $49.95) and the Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease (Low Stress Handling Seminar) DVD (normally $59.95) all for the low price of $186.95 114.95 now through Dec 31st!!!

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Low Stress Handling, Restraint & Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats

The book and DVD feature:

  • 480 pages containing more than 1600 photos that show how to handle dogs and cats correctly.
  • Explanations of what you think you’re doing right, but may actually be doing wrong.
  • link to three hours of video clips that show correct and incorrect handling procedure.

By using this training tool, you will:

  • Be able to implement the most up-to-date handling techniques.
  • Learn how to restrain animals correctly through behavior modification that does not involve coercion, dominance, or other negative training methods.
  • Increase your efficiency because your patients will willingly comply with procedures.
  • Stop perpetuating behavior problems in patients.
  • Create a safer environment for you and your team with fewer bites, scratches and back injuries.
  • Improve the bond between you, the pet, and the client.

Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats With Skill & Ease

From methods so simple they take virtually no time to learn to those that can be used in emergency situations to capture a cat and calm them quickly. Your ability to deal with difficult cats will improve dramatically with these simple techniques under your belt.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply six towel wraps to use on cats to keep them feeling comfortable and secure and a seventh wrap for emergency situations.
  • Recognize the common handler errors that can cause cats to struggle instead of calming down.
  • Evaluate which wraps are appropriate for a given cat and how to evaluate when to choose something else.

In this instructional DVD, Dr. Yin leads you through seven toweling techniques that will help keep potentially difficult cats calm and relaxed rather than eliciting anxiety and aggression. Each wrap is broken down step-by-step allowing you to practice along, first using stuffed animals and then using cats.

Videos from handling labs showing both the wrong way then the correct way

Creating the Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business (Lecture)

Many pets arrive at hospitals, shelters, and groomers afraid and confused. Careless or unskilled handling of these animals can often lead to negative consequences such as:

  • Dog and cat bites and scratches (the top cause of worker compensation claims in veterinary hospitals and shelters).
  • “Difficult” pets are time consuming to treat.
  • Clients lose confidence in petcare professionals they see struggling to control their pets.
  • Hospital staff may unknowingly send animals away medically improved, but behaviorally worse.
    • This can leave patients more fearful of veterinary visits, or even more fearful of people in general.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Creating a Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business DVD teaches you how to enhance your practice by making dogs and cats feel secure both on the ride to the hospital, in the waiting room, in the exam room, and during treatments. Through Dr. Yin’s lectures you’ll gain confidence in your handling skills, increase credibility with your clients, and establish a more caring connection with your patients.

  • Learn how to greet pets appropriately.
  • Learn how to handle pets with finesse instead of force.
  • Learn how to recognize when pets are fearful and about to bite.
  • Learn how to understand what you inadvertently may be doing to increase their fear.
  • Learn techniques to train animals to enjoy procedures they once feared.

This DVD can also assist Rescue staff dealing with scared dogs and cats to help make their transition back to a normal life a lot easier!

Lectures include:

  • Recognizing Brewing Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats
  • Rapid Reversal of Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats
  • Low Stress Handling and Restraint of Difficult Dogs and Cats

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