Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog – Part 1: Essential Exercises


A Workshop for Developing Focus and Impulse Control

Now you can learn from home how to develop your dog’ impulse control, and your own leadership skills, with this engaging DVD of one of Dr. Yin’s popular hands-on workshops. You’ll see how to keep your dog focused on you and happy even in reactive situations. Dr. Yin breaks down essential techniques such as precise treat delivery and efficient and clear body movement into a series of fun and practical exercises for both humans and dogs.


Do You Have the Technical Skills to Quickly and Successfully Train Your Reactive, Hyperactive, or Fearful/Aggressive Dog?

Will it take 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10 months to see a noticeable improvement in your dog? The answer depends largely upon your ability to direct and guide your dog. Now you can learn the skills to address your dog’s reactivity from the comfort of your own home, with this engaging DVD version of one of Dr. Yin’s most popular hands-on workshops.

In a series of fun and practical exercises for both humans and dogs, Dr. Yin teaches you exactly how to move quickly and clearly enough to keep your dog interested and focused on your training.

You’ll learn:

  • Quick, precise treat delivery techniques.
  • Body language that provides clear direction.
  • The ability to guide your dog from one exercise to the next fluidly and in rapid succession.

By learning these techniques, you will be learning how to lead your dog the way a dancer leads their partner through a series of different steps. Step-by-step exercises are demonstrated, such as treat delivery drills and movement drills for you as well as techniques for helping your dog to focus while heeling on walks.

Find out how to provide leadership through skill rather than force. Transform your relationship with your reactive dog, as he happily learns impulse control and to look to your for guidance and direction.


  • Measuring Handler Technique and Dog Response

Exercises Included:

  • Timing and Treat Delivery Drills (humans only)
  • Backward Movement Drills (humans only)
  • Say Please by Sitting
  • Repeat Sits Backward and Running to the Side
  • Using the Repeat Sit Backward in Highly Distracting or Emergency Situations
  • Impulse Control: “Leave-it” when Food or Desired Objects Are at the End of the Leash
  • Targeting

Praise for Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog (Part 1):

Whether pet professional or pet owner this DVD is a must have. Dr. Sophia Yin has the amazing ability to take very complex exercises and simplify them to the point that you wonder why you have never thought of it yourself!

Cathy Bell, CPDT-KA

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Best For:

  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Rescue Foster homes
  • Dog Trainers
  • Dog owners

Veterinary Medical Professionals can earn CEs for this skill by taking our online course here.

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