Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet professional, the Treat&Train® Remote Dog Trainer can dramatically increase the speed, precision, and effectiveness of your positive-reinforcement training. Veterinarian and animal behavior expert Dr. Sophia Yin invented the Treat&Train based on behavioral science and how animals really learn.

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Achieve precise treat timing for fast, fun, and effective training

The Treat & Train is a remote-controlled reward dispenser and training system that allow you to efficiently teach dogs at a distance (or nearby). The result is the ability to learn almost any behavior, from everyday skills (such as potty training) to specialized skills (such as those used in agility, obedience, service, and military work).

Included are a remote for food dispensing, booklet & DVD, to train long downs, stop barking at the door and other skills. The remote works up to 100 feet away through walls and doors.

Invented by Veterinarian and Animal Behavior Expert Dr. Sophia Yin and tested in Lab, Clinical and Field trials.

Note: Not all foods will fit and some do not work as well as others. See this guide for your food.

Food guide for using various kibble types in your Treat & Train™