Veterinary Medical Students

Save on all store products

Save 25% on all Dr. Sophia Yin's products here in our store including the famous Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook®!

To qualify you must have a school based email address and you need to fill out the form below so that we can verify that you are a current student. Once we have done that, we will email you the one time discount code.
Are you a member a Veterinary Student group of some kind? It doesn't have to be anything official, it could be your study group! Buy in bulk and you can take advantage of even larger discounts and you don't even have to fill out this form!

  • Up to 9 copies of one title with coupon – 25% discount
  • 10+ copies of one title – 30% discount

To qualify for and place a bulk order we recommend you organize and have one trusted person take everyone's order and money (possibly an Instructor, Club/Group Advisor, Professor,or the like), that person can then place a bulk order through the store (no coupon required if over 9 items) via a credit card or PayPal. The students have to do this on their own or with the help of facility, we can’t be involved in making it all work or taking separate checks or the like. One person has to place, pay for and receive the bulk order.

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